Thursday, October 12, 2006

Culture Clash...

….is the name of the new weekly arts and cultural review show on the recently launched 18 Doughty Street internet TV channel. Hosted by NCF director Peter Whittle, the first show, which goes out tonight at 10pm, looks at Oliver Stone’s movie World Trade Centre, Paul Greengrass’s United 93, Michael Gove’s controversial book Celsius 7/7, and considers more broadly the cultural response to 9/11 and its aftermath.

Each week, Peter will be joined by a panel of guests who will hopefully become as familiar to viewers as those on Newsnight Review. But in a good way. On tonight’s programme will be author and broadcaster Douglas Murray, The New Criterion’s Dawn Steeves, journalist Franck Guillory and David Taylor from the New Culture Forum.

Feedback is our lifeblood of course, so please do let us know what you think of the show.


Lagwolf said...

Thought it was pretty good though there might have been too many guests. Any chance you are in need of long-haired rocker/critic who is right-of-centre for the show?

ukpaul said...

I agree with five people being too many for a half hour show, three or four, including the host, would be more manageable.

I found the film discussion interesting but (and I'm speaking as a liberal/libertarian) regarding 7/7 there is a disagreement in conservative circles over Gove and his views which wasn't reflected in the discussion at all. I would have thought that a conflict of views would be more illuminating, even if someone has to play devil's advocate.

I'm mainly a theatre person myself but acknowledge its limited reach, the play 'Frost/Nixon' is transferring, however, something which may stimulate interesting discussion. The conflicting views of education in 'The History Boys' opening in December (and following the film) would also be interesting, for me at least!

The New Culture Forum said...

Points taken.
We'll obviously be working on the format for some time.

One way to make sure that all views are reflected in the discussion will certainly be through interactivity.
We currently couldn't take comments live as we record the programme each wednesday around 6.30 but we can make sure that we get your views in advance.

So... Next week we shall be discussing Stephen Frears's THE QUEEN, Jeremy Paxman's ROYALTY, THATCHER, THE MUSICAL and maybe - that's agreat idea and does make sense - Peter Morgan's brilliant FROST/NIXON.

In the future, we would probably like to stick much more to the cultural news of the current week... We're working on it too.