Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Death Wish

Death of a President, the much publicised programme shown on More4 last night, was well made, glossy and expensive-looking. It cleverly combined real footage with drama, even if there was the usual problem of actors unconvincingly playing talking heads.

But what a nasty show. Half way through, one found oneself thinking: why am I watching this?

It was ultimately, a big slice of wish-fulfilment fantasy. One can imagine the original pitch for the project taking place: Bush is assassinated, it’s what everyone wants after all, so big audiences.

In many ways this spiteful and childish exercise proved the utter emptiness and moral and intellectual bankruptcy of anti-Americanism, which in Europe at least has become almost rabid. Turning on your friends, or, even worse, on yourself (which is what in essence anti-Americanism is) is the most cowardly and impotent response to the threats from outside. This programme was, in cultural terms at least, something of a high watermark in self-delusion.


Lagwolf said...

Well the anti-Bushie nuts have to have something to toss one off to. Its just their version of a snuff film.

Anonymous said...

Has Channel 4 commissioned Death of a Dictator - a dramatised acount of the execution of Fidel Castro? One day someone will write the definitive examination of Western self-hatred, its causes, manifestations and consequences.

Personally, I blame the parents (coz I know THEY do).

The New Culture Forum said...

Well, Channel 4 has indeed commissioned 638 Ways To Kill Fidel, denouncing the obsession of the CIA and Cuban exiles with assassinating Castro... mocking their inventivity but obviously celebrating their misfortune.