Sunday, November 12, 2006

A fifth head for Idomeneo?

A month after the cancellation of its Mozart's Idomeneo - for fear that a beheaded Muhammad along with other headless Gods and Goddesses could fuel violence or even terrorist acts from offended Muslim fundamentalists, as reported here in Blight on the Opera -, the Berlin Deutsche Oper finally decided to show the production twice, on the 18th and 29th of December, as part of the Christmas season.
Now, in an interview published by the German magazine FOCUS tomorrow (Monday, November 13th), Hans Neuenfels, the director, reveals for the first time that he has received four threatening letters on his home fax machine.

What however is most alarming of all is the fact that these threats were received after Kirsten Harms, the frightened head of the Opera, announced the cancellation.

Appeasement, as we should know by now, never works.


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