Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moron Four

A much-needed blast at Channel 4 from its founding chief executive Sir Jeremy Isaacs

Writing in Prospect magazine, Isaacs has condemned the channel for moving from the ‘quiet seriousness’ of its early years to ‘an obsession with adolescent transgression and sex.’ It had strayed to far from its public service remit and into the realms of commercialism. Much of the current programming was there purely to attract the lucrative 16-24 year-old youth market.

This has resulted in such shows as Designer Vaginas, The World’s Biggest Penis, and a series of programmes on masturbation called Wank Week. You can read a report about Isaacs’s comments in The Telegraph


Robert Jackman said...

Oh dear - wank week sounds horrible. It's just titillation television. Which is a shame - Channel 4 have alot of stuff which stimulates the mind rather than the genitals. Have a look at my blog entry on it all

Lagwolf said...

Well most weeks are wank(ers) week on Channel 4 news so no surprise there.