Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On Wednesday, Mark Steyn talks to The New Culture Forum

Mark Steyn’s exhilarating new book, America Alone – The End of the World as We Know it, is currently riding high in the New York Times’s bestseller list, and is top of the charts too in his native Canada. Culture Clash on 18 Doughty Street will be discussing this tonight at 8.30pm, but here at the New Culture Forum we’re very pleased to announce that we will be posting our interview with Mark Steyn about the issues raised in his book tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

In Steyn's country of origin Canada, it surely would be on the bestseller list as you state...if only the book were actually available for sale! Indigo/Chapters is Canada's largest bookseller but all the calls, all the visits to this bookstore behemoth yield quizzical responses. They now feel forced to order....wait for it...18 copies for a city the size of Vancouver. Thank you so very much amazon.com and especially thank you steynonline.com for selling autographed copies!! Piss on the ultraleft social engineering liberal canadian media oligarchy. People are buying it "left and right" anyway.

Anonymous said...

The National Post, Canada's top national newspaper has just finished five consecutive days of running excerpts from Mark Steyn's blockbuster new book. Hopefully that will assist in encouraging Canada's booksellers to stock the book and encourage healthy debate rather than sticking to the tired old axiom that the debate is over so stop talking about it.