Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Times... Good reads

Hallelujah, They are Standing for Jesus
by Minette Marrin

'Reports of the death of Christianity have been much exaggerated', says Minette. 'The example of Islam in this country, for better and for worse, has powerfully concentrated Christian minds. Confronted with Muslim convictions, Christians — and particularly Anglicans — find themselves and their own faith renewed. There is nothing like a strong consciousness of a different identity for clarifying one’s own. Years of milksop tolerance and ecumenical dither have given way, here and there, to a new conviction. The church strikes back!'
She sees a few signs of a revival, in the vitality of Christian Unions in our universities and in the reaction to John Sentamu's response to Prince Charles's wish for a multi-faith coronation. See Sentamu gets it
Let's hope that this is not just wishful thinking.

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And an extract of Ian Buruma's riveting book, Murder in Amsterdam

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