Monday, November 06, 2006

Time to publish for Robin Aitken?

This little piece of news read in yesterday's Observer...

'Bad news for the BBC. When Robin Aitken, a disaffected executive of long standing, left the corporation in May last year, he threatened to write a book exposing its institutional bias in favour of the left and embarrassing, among others, the Today programme team, with whom he worked closely. For a while, it has remained in manuscript form, due, some people believe, to pressure from the BBC.

Now the brave men at Continuum have agreed to publish it under the title Can We Trust the BBC?, and it is expected to cause quite a stir. Due out in February, I'm told it includes 'a close and devastating analysis of the techniques of people such as James Naughtie, John Humphrys, Sue MacGregor'. Bring it on, I say.'

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