Thursday, November 02, 2006

Time to Read

A very sobering, if not depressing, new publication is George Walden’s Time To Emigrate? Written as a series of letters between a father and a son who is considering leaving Britain for good, it has a truth on every page – the kind of truth which, although often purely based on the anecdotal, still has one nodding one’s head in recognition and agreement.

Walden looks at the future of a country in which mass immigration has permanently altered the landscape, crime is a way of life, civil order is disintegrating and where the population largely has its head in the sand over the magnitude of the threat to its very security. The book however is not shrill or tub-thumping, but is written with humanity and mostly with an air of resignation and sadness.

The cover of the book asks the question Why is nobody talking about what is happening in our country? This must have been written in the full knowledge that millions are, yet have effectively been silenced or disenfranchised. Certainly fear of a creeping anarchy is just beneath the surface – and increasingly not just in the Mail-reading suburbs, but also around the self-styled cosmopolitan dinner tables of North London.

I have however direct experience of what is brought to bear on anybody who is perceived as questioning the official line, one which, certainly in London, is relentlessly pushed to stifle dissent. At one point in his book Walden mentions approvingly an article I wrote in the Sunday Times last year, about the negative changes wrought by immigration and the doctrine of multiculturalism that I’d witnessed in the part of South East London where I grew up. I happened to be standing in the local council elections a few months later, and Labour devoted much time and energy to a vicious personal attack, based on what I’d written, which amounted to libel. Sure enough, they were forced to retract and apologise within a week. But so sure were they that their inference of poisonous racism would close down the debate, they were genuinely taken aback when we didn’t simply slink off to lick our wounds.

The fact that Walden’s book is not considered ‘explosive’ is, however, a sign that the debate has changed and the terms of reference have moved on, in a remarkably short space of time. Even ten years ago, Time to Emigrate? would have been put beyond the pale. But it is still a book which should be read by the increasing numbers who sense that the politically correct platitudes are masking an increasingly disturbing situation.

by Peter Whittle

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone see tonight’s BBC London piece on the ex-Conservative MP George Walden’s book Time to Emigrate?

I thought it was extremely significant that the BBC would choose to organise a face-off between George Walden (presumably representing London’s past as he described how different it was when he grew up) and a scruffy looking arrogant male (who’s name I cannot be bothered with but whose main argument was that everybody else is a racist) describing himself as a pakistani muslim growing up in London in the 70’s and 80’s (presumably personifying today’s London). It seems to me that the BBC’s perception of London is totally manufactured, or is it?

Is it possible that a pakistani muslim is the mainstream representative of today’s London? Could it be that (the once Great) Britain has finally forfeited its capital?

Lagwolf said...

I know of at least 3 Britons who are eyeing the Free State Project to emigrate to NH. One of them is an ex-Candidate's List bloke who got booted for merely being male and straight.

Anonymous said...

The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20 000 Liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire... More there, http://www.freestateproject.org/

Wim said...

I've heard about this. Thanks for the link.

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