Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let's laugh at it, that's my attitude...

In The Daily Mail, Jason Lewis reveals how Borat sparked panic in the Foreign Office:
'For a year diplomatic channels between the British Embassy in Kazakhstan and the Foreign Office have been filled with agonising over how to deal with the fictitious Kazakh journalist created by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Much of the correspondence remains secret - deemed by Foreign Office officials as 'likely to prejudice relations between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan'.'

The Daily Mail

All is well that ends well.
In an interview to the French sunday newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, a travel agency manager tells that he has noticed a strong increase in customers' requests for holidays in Central Asia. Kazakh officials should publish an ad in Paris explaining that spending their strong euros in the Great Nation is the best way to stand against the Great Satan. Some French so keen to express their anti-Americanism would rush to Almaty or Astana - wherever it is.
How do you say comic in French?

More on Borat - Is It Because They Is American?

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