Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Michael Gove at The New Culture Forum

Michael Gove was the speaker last night at the New Culture Forum on the question of whether we are witnessing the emergence of an anti-Islamist intelligentsia. Held at Portcullis House, the event attracted over a hundred people; guests included Lord Trimble, Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch, Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas, Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin, Ramin Gray, Assoc. director of the Royal Court Theatre, Spectator TV critic and author James Delingpole, Conservative A-Lister Sayeeda Varsi, the National Theatre’s Chris Campbell, writer and commentator Douglas Murray, the distinguished Egyptian academic Bat Ye’or, and the editor of ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie.

Gove’s speech was filmed by 18doughtystreet Talk TV, and ConservativeHome and The Croydonian today carry a detailed account of the evening. We’ll be returning to the event later in the week here at the NCF website.

Michael Gove, Sayeeda Varsi and Sir Andrew Green, Tim Montgomerie - 18doughtystreet Talk TV and ConservativeHome, Claire Fox - Institute of Ideas - and James Delingpole, Peter Whittle - director of The New Culture Forum.

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