Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday, it is Culture Clash day - 8.30 pm on 18 Doughty Street Talk TV

Tonight, we’re going to be taking a retrospective look at two successful British films, now out on DVD which, in their different ways, provided much discussion about the very different political and cultural issues they explored, when they were released in cinemas last year: THE QUEEN, which even the Martians must know won Helen Mirren an Oscar last month, and CHILDREN OF MEN, an adaptation of the PG James novel, which starred Clive Owen in a tale of a dystopian Britain set in the year 2027.

With me to talk about these are FT and Jewish Chronicle journalist Francesca Segal, Adam Smyth, who’s currently writing a book about the Mohammad cartoons, the South Bank Show producer Susan Shaw, and social entrepreneur Simon Marcus.

First off, Stephen Frears’s THE QUEEN deals with the relationship between the monarch and Tony Blair, played by Michael Sheen, during the week following the death of Diana Princess of Wales, and focuses on the attempts of the new, highly popular Prime minister to reconnect the Queen with the public at a time when the monarchy appeared to have seriously misjudged the national mood.

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