Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Culture Clash tonight at 8.30pm on 18 Doughty Street Talk TV

Last week on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, journalist and Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens ripped into David Cameron, claiming that his leadership of the Conservatives spelt the end of parliamentary politics as we have known it, and that as a politician he was not only not a real conservative, but was without conviction of any kind.

However much of the programme was given over to an examination of Cameron’s upper class background, and the attempts he’s made, in Hitchens eyes, to cover it up. Tonight, we’ll be discussing quite what Hitchens was trying to get at, and more broadly, the part which class plays, if any at all, in our society today.

My guests tonight are Anthony Browne, chief political correspondent of The Times, author and columnist James Delingpole, Susan Shaw senior producer of The South Bank Show, and Dominic Hilton of the New Culture Forum.

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