Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Bastion of Liberal Education

The New Culture Forum's Marc Sidwell writes in the Catholic Herald about Thomas Aquinas College in southern California, where "students engage directly with the profound thinkers that define Western civilisation".

[W]hat Thomas Aquinas College rejects is the easy relativism that Pope Benedict XVI has so roundly denounced. Assured of the existence of truth, the mind is freed to engage with the great conversation of the Western mind.

Thomas Aquinas College is a modern exemplar of a great tradition. Liberal education stretches back to the birth of our civilisation – a golden thread of intellectual freedom. It begins in 5th-century Athens, as the education due to a free man. Faith and reason intertwined in the Catholic Church, carrying our civilisation forward after the fall of Rome. Now men spoke of universal freedom and therefore a universal education. Preserved in the Benedictine orders, transmitted by schoolmaster-priests, it was the Christian liberal educators who kept the life of the mind alive through centuries of uncertainty and civil strife.

Read Marc's full article HERE.

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