Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hello and welcome to Culture Clash.

You're watching 18 Doughty Street, it's 8.30pm on Tuesday, November 28th

This week, we’ll be asking, is James Bond really alive and well and living in the 21st century? As CASINO ROYALE gets mostly rave reviews and a massive take at the box office on its first weekend, we’ll be discussing whether Daniel Craig really has given 007 a new lease of life.

Also, as work gets under way on the new Armed Forces memorial in Staffordshire, we’ll be looking at the state of statues in our public places. Artist Ian Rank-Broadley’s traditional sculptures of groups of soldiers will be at the centre of this new memorial, and already look like proving popular with the public. But are they really just kitsch? As Alison Lapper Pregnant gets ready to make way for another conceptual piece on the fourth empty plinth in Trafalgar Square, we’ll be exploring whether we get the memorials we deserve.

And, as The Catherine Tate Show is joined on TV by a new series of Tittybangbang and the appearance last week of Pulling, both on BBC 3, we’ll be asking whether women are really changing the face of comedy.

Peter Whittle's guests today are Helen Hawkins, Editor of the Sunday Times Culture, writer and humorist Dominic Hilton, James Delingpole, TV critic of the Spectator, and Franck Guillory of The New Culture Forum.

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